Shanta Gokhale

Shanta Gokhale is an Indian writer, translator, journalist and theatre critic. She is best known for her works Rita Welinkar and Tya Varshi. Gokhale initially published stories, in both English and Marathi, in various publications, and eventually in the 1970s, she started publishing novels. In 2018, she released an anthology of her writings over the decades, titled The Engaged Observer, which was edited by her close friend, Jerry Pinto. She planned to release her memoirs with the tentative title of Here’s Looking at You, Body in 2018.  It was later released as One Foot On The Ground: A Life Told Through The Body in 2019. In March 2020, she released Shivaji Park: Dadar 28: History, Places, People, a book that traced the history of the Mumbai neighbourhood where she lives.